Southeast Asian College

Formerly United Doctors Medical Center Colleges


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              The Southeast Asian College, located at 290 España cor. 6. N. Ramirez Street, Quezon City,  Philippines,   offers  a  wide  range  of  courses  varying  from  Bachelor Degrees, 3-Year Course, 2-Year Courses, and 1-Year Course.

            It is shares the building with United Doctors Medical Center, serving the 7th, 8th and 11th floor  as  the College's floors.  The 7th floor accommodate the Dean's Offices,  Computer Laboratory,  classrooms  and Infirmary.  The 8th floor houses the Physical Therapy's facilities, Guidance  Office,  Audio-Visual  Room,  and  the  Chapel.  The  11th  floor  accommodate the Anatomy Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Zoology Laboratory, classrooms, and the Library. 















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